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Hamantaschen! Made from a veganized version of this recipe.

They’re filled with raspberry jam, blackberry jam, and chocolate!


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Chocolate Cupcakes with Purple Frosting

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting dyed purple =D

These were made with Cherrybrook Kitchen’s chocolate cake mix plus a can of vanilla frosting I got at the store with purple food coloring added.

February 22, 2010 at 4:10 pm 3 comments

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

They look kind of weird BUT OMG THESE ARE SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS LIKE WHOA. They taste like little brownies. I was hoping for very traditional cookies, but I’m not disappointed. The recipe says they should be normal 2″ cookies, but I followed it exactly so I don’t know what went wrong. Oh well, the taste is intact. I probably ate a cookie’s worth of batter before baking these…

Recipe from the Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook.

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Lemon Squares

I didn’t have confectioner’s sugar to put on top, and they don’t look very pretty, but goodness do they taste yummy! The recipe was for lemon-lime squares but I made these just lemon.

Recipe from The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook.

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Eggplant and Potato Casserole

A recipe of my own! Eggplant and potato casserole, made with tomatoes, olives and spices.

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Rainbow Pasta

My own creation, I call this rainbow pasta because it’s so colorful. Ingredients: Brown rice noodles with peas, carrots, corn, green beans, marinara sauce, and soy cheese. I hate peas so I don’t know why I added them, but I ate it anyway

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Plantains in Coconut Milk

Fried plantains in sweetened coconut milk. These were soooo good.

Directions: Fry plantains. In a separate sauce pan, bring coconut milk to simmer. Add 2 tbsps sugar and 1 tspn salt. (Add more sugar if you want it sweeter). Poor coconut milk over the plantains. Yum!

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