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Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Made from Babycake’s recipe, with a couple slight deviations (most intentional, one accidental… forgot the vanilla). Despite the lack of vanilla though these turned out amazingly well! So soft, fluffy, and moist.

I made a couple using silicon muffin cups from the Animal Rescue Site

My preferred way to eat them – with apple butter!

Here’s the recipe from the book

I didn’t have quite enough coconut oil, so I topped it off with canola. I also subbed half of the agave nectar with maple syrup, and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top.


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Strawberry banana flax muffins

These muffins are truly amazing. The original recipe was for bananas plus raisins, but I don’t like raisins I made them with fresh strawberries instead. Wonderful! Right after these I made another batch of the buckwheat muffins, this time with mixed berries instead of apples. Also a huge success! I took both batches of muffins to two picnics to share, and everyone loved them!


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Cinnamon Apple Buckwheat Muffins

These muffins are wooonderful. I originally decided to try this recipe because I’d never baked with buckwheat before, and it looked very simple. Well, the batter was simple, but peeling a large apple takes forever! Next time I make these muffins I’m going to try blueberries instead of apples, I think that will work well. I altered the recipe a little bit – I used 1 tbsp of cinnamon instead of 1 tsp, 2 cups of apples instead of 1.5, and I ended up with enough batter for 13 muffins instead of 12. Another change I made was to bake them for a little longer – 29 minutes instead of 25.

I put the 13th muffin in paw-shaped muffin cup I got for free from The Animal Rescue Site. A paw shaped muffin, adorable!! I ate two of these muffins right out of the oven with a little Earth Balance. They’re pretty healthy and delicious, a perfect breakfast muffin!

Recipe form TAFBH.

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Gingerbread Muffins

Gingerbread muffins with currants. These were very good, and excellent with Earth Balance.

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